Fasnacht - Sticker

Fasnacht - Sticker

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What is Fasnacht?

There is a small town in West Virginia tucked away in Randolph County, with a population of 59 people. The town of Helvetia which is the Latin name for Switzerland was settled by the Swiss in 1869 and has kept up with Swiss traditions ever since. One of those traditions is Fasnacht which is the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and is likened to Mardi Gras. The entire town of Helvetia will decorate the town in colorful Swiss flags, and dance around an effigy of Old Man Winter hanging from the ceiling, while wearing handmade masks meant to scare Old Man Winter away. Later that night they will burn Old Man Winder to celebrate the end of Winter. These unique towns, with rich and interesting traditions are one of the many reasons why I love West Virginia! 

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